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How Now, Norm's Tao: One Man's Path to a More Enjoyable Personal Life and Rewarding Professional Career
How Now, Norm's Tao: One Man's Path to a More Enjoyable Personal Life and Rewarding Professional Career


How Now, Norm's Tao is a powerful and poignant memoir by one of the most accomplished and unique writers to grace contemporary American literature, Norm Spitzig. Far more than just an autobiography, How Now, Norm's Tao is an inspirational, insightful and deliciously humorous probing into the essential components of "the life well-lived." Along the way, Norm offers his legions of loyal fans "thirteen timeless core principles" that have guided and anchored his fascinating life's journey–a baker's dozen of pragmatic universal lessons that anyone, anywhere will find of significant value and compelling interest. As an added bonus, the book is peppered with the best of Norm's Twitter wisdom ("Twisdom")–nuggets of off-beat cleverness that have caused more than a few readers to chuckle uncontrollably at the most inopportune of times. Be forewarned: This groundbreaking book even dares to reveal "the secret of the universe." Read more

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About Norm Spitzig

Norm Spitzig, MCM, is internationally recognized as a successful entrepreneur, leading business consultant, and eloquent, visionary, and humorous speaker on a variety of important business and lifestyle topics. His groundbreaking book, Perspectives on Club Management, now over a quarter-century old, continues to inspire and challenge private club owners, directors, managers, and students around the world. Norm, qua Clive Endive Ogive IV, is also the more recent author of two hilarious and insightful books, Private Clubs in America and around the World and Murder and Mayhem at Old Bunbury, both of which are available at, Amazon, and fine (and not-so-fine) bookstores everywhere. Read more


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On a business trip to Asia a few years ago, I had one of my more memorable and, dare I say, enlightening customer relations experiences. I had successfully finished up my work with the Hong Kong Football Club a day early—I was fortunate enough to have been chosen to serve as facilitator for the development of that wonderful private club’s strategic plan...
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