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Soul on Nice: Esther's Good-Hearted Adventures in New Zealand and The United States
Soul on Nice: Esther's Good-Hearted Adventures in New Zealand and The United States


Soul on Nice chronicles the latest and greatest adventures of the Old Bunbury Golf Links & Reading Club's waitress extraordinaire Esther, the highly eccentric but undeniably lovable protagonist of his previous epic works. This time Norm's scintillating tale is truly global in scope, with Esther opening the novel zooming her merry old way to beautiful New Zealand. This titanic clash between good and evil is part playful and evocative travelogue, part staunch conservative manifesto, part clever and poignant mystery, part whimsical exposé of the madcap world of private clubs, and all treasure trove of quirky good cheer. While anyone with a decent sense of humor will surely love Norm's latest story, readers who also understand and appreciate the fascinating world of private golf clubs will be doubly pleased. Read more

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Norm Spitzig is internationally recognized as a successful entrepreneur; a leading business consultant; an eloquent, visionary, humorous, and engaging speaker on a variety of important business and lifestyle topics; and an all-around good egg. His groundbreaking book Perspectives on Club Management—now more than thirty years old—continues to inspire and challenge private club owners, directors, managers, and students around the world. Read more


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The thought that this was her fifth visit to New Zealand randomly flitted through her semiconscious mind. No, sixth, Esther immediately corrected herself as, with Herculean effort, she forced herself back to a state of full alertness.
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